eltforward- a place for teachers to meet, share and cheer up.

eltforward- a place for teachers to meet, share and cheer up.

Welcome to ELTFORWARD!

Eltforward is a website functioning as a platform of knowledge in English language teaching (ELT), edited by Dr Cecilia Chu.

Cecilia understands that English subject teachers have to face challenges and issues in developing their English language curriculum and planning and delivering English language lessons every day. They have a continuous need for peer support to tackle their day-to-day professional tasks.

Now with her long time involvement in English language teaching over the past 30 years, and her diverse working experience in schools, teacher education institutions and official education bureau, Cecilia is committed to initiate this knowledge platform for ELT teachers and interested stakeholders in education to meet, share and cheer up.

The aim of eltforward is to collect and showcase the professional insights, practical tips and authentic classroom experiences of teachers.

The content is focused on English teaching methodology and English language curriculum development in schools. The platform starts with a personal stock of academic and professional output of Cecilia’s. Teachers and education professionals are cordially invited to contribute to eltforward to share their practical wisdom on various topics related to curriculum planning, teaching methods and techniques.

Please e-mail all correspondences to info@eltforward.com(for enquiry ) or ceciliachu@eltforward.com(for contributions)

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